Fun Friday!

What a fun day we had today in Lorikeet Class!

Our day began with Stay and Read. It was so lovely to see lots of mums and dads in school and we really enjoyed reading with everyone.

This afternoon we have enjoyed discussing Children in Need. We are so lucky to be able to come to school everyday and go home to a warm bed and yummy food. We wore our spots and and made spotty pictures whilst discussing how important Children in Need is!

There was also a visit from a dragon but he snuck in whilst we were at playtime so we never managed to get a picture! What a shame!!!

3 comments on “Fun Friday!

  1. Isadora Abrahao says:

    I loved to paint the flower with spots and I also enjoyed the dragon egg.

  2. It looks like they had a great Friday! We did as well in Eagles. I enjoyed doing our activitiy in class where we could do pop art .

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