Fun at the CLC!

We had so much fun at the CLC! First, we drew our own pictures of creatures from under the sea. We then created them into our own puzzles! Some were trickier than others and took us more time to solve. We were even able to share each other’s puzzles on the dashboard and solve each other’s puzzles!


Next, we played a pairs game. We designed more creatures from under the sea and then had to remember the position of each pair of cards. This was so much fun as there were different levels of difficulty.

After lunch we made up our very own game! We had to come up with a character related to under the sea and then help it navigate its way across the screen. We designed objects which would give our character points, and objects which would make our character lose lives! Miss Duncan was so impressed with some of the art work we produced on the computer.

Well done for such fabulous ICT skills, Macaws! Your games were fantastic and we had such a great day.

14 comments on “Fun at the CLC!

  1. I loved going to the CLC. My favorite part was when I made my game called “Avoiding dinosaurs :):):):):)

  2. Lucas yr 5/6 says:

    My sister went on the trip- I know she thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. suzie.harris says:

    It sounds like you had a fantastic day Macaws! Your computer art work is very impressive – Well done!

  4. Charlie J says:

    It was so much fun going to clc and creating my own games.

  5. I loved going to the CLC.
    I enjoyed making games for the other children in my class. It was great fun making card games, jigsaw puzzles and collecting games.

  6. Hugh Class Condors says:

    That looks interesting and fun.

  7. Anna McGrory says:

    What a fun day you all had! We love the CLC!

  8. It was fun going to CLC thank you Miss Duncan.

  9. Charlottek says:

    It was so much fun going to the clc. I loved the card game were we had to guess which two cards were the same.

  10. Tomi 😎 says:

    I hope you had fun 😍

  11. i like playing on the computers:)

  12. That looks so cool!! I hope u enjoyed the trip.

  13. I can’t believe Miss Duncan couldn’t do my pairing game!I loved the CLC it was so much fun!

  14. Miss Duncan couldn’t solve my card game!!

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