Father Nicholas Visits Lorikeets

This morning Lorikeet Class had a very special visitor. Father Nicholas came to discuss our new RE topic ‘God’s Great Plan’.

Father Nicholas read us a story from the bible about the first people that God put onto the earth. We learnt that after man God created women. We decided this was because God wanted to make sure everyone had friends.

Father Nicholas was very kind and answered many of our questions. We are already looking forward to next half term for our next visit

2 comments on “Father Nicholas Visits Lorikeets

  1. Christabella says:

    I enjoyed Father Nicholas coming to visit us and telling us about the first humans on Earth. I really appreciated when he answered our questions.
    Thank you I hope you meet
    our class our next term.

  2. Charlotte yr2 says:

    I enjoyed him coming to year two.We had lots of questions we asked him how old was God and he said God was out of time.

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