Fantastic Friday!

What a fun day Lorikeets have had!

It all began this morning with Stay and Read! So many of our family members came to read with us today.

We we always love it when we get so many visitors.

We also took part in number day today! Before we started we had to look at all the effort our friends had gone to getting dressed up in brilliant number outfits.

We learnt three new games. One with Miss Agger, another with Miss Marsden and finally one with Miss Duncan.

We added and subtracted numbers, ordered two digit numbers and then sorted images. We were exhausted by lunch time but we learnt so much!

As if our day couldn’t get any better  it was finished off with a visit from Miss Agger’s goldfish, Eccleston. We did some drawings of  him to add to our ‘Under the Sea’ art display.

What a fantastic Friday!

5 comments on “Fantastic Friday!

  1. Miss Duncan says:

    Wow, Lorikeets! This looks like SO much fun! I absolutely loved teaching you and seeing all your fantastic Maths skills!
    Such fabulous Number themed outfits, too!

  2. CiaraYr5\6 says:

    Well done , Lorikeet’s! Your outfits look complety awesome! I hope you enjoyed your stay and read in the morning!

  3. Anna McGrory says:

    What a fabulous day you lucky Lorikeets! It sounds like it was the best Friday of all time! I love the number outfits! Miss McGrory

  4. I love it too. It was fab and it was epik .


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