EU Referendum! In or our?

This afternoon in Lorikeet class we have been discussing the EU Referendum. Now it is all very confusing for us but we have done our best to understand it.

After discussing many of the different reasons to remain in or leave the EU we all took a class vote. In or out, just like all the adults did yesterday IMG_0510


We can’t tell you which side is in or which side is out as we all have the right of a secret ballot.

Finally we finished our afternoon by watching a very important speech by the Prime Minister.


Miss Agger has told us that today is a day that will be remembered for a long time when we look back at the history of Great Britain and we feel very lucky to have learnt all about it!

2 comments on “EU Referendum! In or our?

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    I am so impressed that our Year 1s are learning about such important events in history. How very grown-up of you all. Well done.

  2. If I was in the vote I would choose in

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