Castle Day!

What a fantastic day we all had on Friday at our Castle life workshop! Our day began with looking at each other’s fantastic costumes…. there were queens, kings, knights and so many princesses. Everyone looked brilliant!

We then headed over to the big headed over to the main hall and what a surprise we had! The hall lights were turned down and all we could see was the flicker of candles. Then the lights came up and our activities were revealed. Twelve tables had been set up with many different castle related activities such as making ink, soap and candle holders.

These activities wouldn’t have been possible without all our helpers so a big thank you to all the mums, dads, aunties and grandmas that came to assist us.

After lunch we rehearsed our entertainment for the final banquet. When it was time to come together for the banquet the hall was transformed once again.

Each group took a turn to perform whilst others acted in the role of Castle servants.

We also got to share a traditional Castle meal with all our friends which was very exciting. The top table was made up of Lords and Lady’s who had to say ‘I’ when it was time for us to eat.

What an amazing day we had!

8 comments on “Castle Day!

  1. That looks fun!! I wish I was there!

  2. Chloe Wearn says:

    I loved castle day

  3. CiaraYr5/6 says:

    It looks like KS1 had a good day!!!??
    It looks so fun especially for the younger kids. ??

  4. Isadora Year 1 says:

    I had a very good time making crafts!

  5. Lovely day

  6. It was fun at castle day

  7. Wow! Key Stage 1 looked like they had fun! All the activities must of been fun!

  8. I wish I was there

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