Animals in Lorikeets!

On Tuesday we had a special visitor, and she brought us lots of African animals! We learned about the three main habitats in Africa: savanna, desert, and rain forest. She also explained how we can usually tell which habitat the animals are from just by looking at them. We got to look at a giant snail that was as big as our hands, a huge millipede that had 240 legs, and cockroaches that hissed to make themselves sound like snakes – wow! We also met a Costa Rican zebra tarantula (she was so hairy) and a corn snake who slithered on our carpet!

Thank you so much to Zoolab for bringing all of these exciting animals into our school.

10 comments on “Animals in Lorikeets!

  1. This looks so fun and educational

  2. Its very cool how you got to hold african animals . ?

  3. You guys are lucky I wish I could handle those.
    I hope you had fun any way.

  4. I wish I was there: I love snakes.

  5. Yr 1 are so brave I couldn’t do it.

  6. I’ve held a snake like that before called buttercup and one of those spiders. ? ?

  7. lorikeets are so lucky wish i could hold one of them.

  8. You are so brave to be holding those type of animals! I wouldn’t be able to hold those type of animals!

  9. I’d be terrified if I saw a tarantula in our classroom!

  10. Look so much fun. You are so lucky, you got to witness and touch these amazing animals and insects.

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