A trip to the CLC!

On Tuesday the Lorikeet class went on an exciting trip to the CLC.

We started our day with a bus journey to Camden. We passed lots of our houses and it was fun to point out where we all live.

When we arrived at the CLC we all got settled onto our own computers, ready for the real fun to start.


Recently in class we have been learning how to code, using the hour of code website, and our CLC trip really put these skills to test.

For our first activity we had to get a cow into a bath tub, although it sounds a little bit silly we really had to think about our directional language in order to get it in the right place. What was really gun about this activity was all the different ways to play.


First we discovered that you could use the mouse to play the game!



Then we discovered that you could use the arrows on the keyboard!



Then we found that you could TOUCH THE SCREEN! It was all very exciting and we were soon fantastic at the game!

That afternoon we spent our time playing with the Blue-Bots. We programmed them to go forwards, backwards and even turn corners.  The Blue-Bots are mini robots that we controlled with an iPads. We worked in groups of four and soon had them whizzing round all the different tracks.

We REALLY enjoyed our tip to the CLC and hope we can go back very soon!