A Strange Visitor

There was a very strange visitor in Lorikeet Class this week. A MOUSE!

It all began on Wednesday when we received a letter from George the Mouse. He is from the story George and the Dragon.

George asked us to make him a cheese sandwich, which we all did together. This went so well and Year 1 were fantastic at giving instructions however when we came back from playtime there was a huge mess in our classroom.

George had left cheese EVERYWHERE! The children were very excited but Miss Agger wasn’t very pleased as she had to clean it all up!

One of the Lorikeets found a teeny, tiny little note from George. It said thank you very much for his cheese sandwich.

Come back soon George but try not to leave so much mess next time!


5 comments on “A Strange Visitor

  1. Christabella says:

    This shows George loves cheese a lot

  2. Anna McGrory says:

    Ha ha! George is such a messy mouse leaving all that cheese behind! Well done for giving such good instructions Lorikeets! Miss McGrory

  3. This is looks so much fun because they got to put cheese on the carpet.

  4. Which one of you lorikeets was it that found the note?

  5. I wonder what it is???

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