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Year 5 “Music at Home” songwriting project

This term’s musical activity will be spread over 3 weeks

Week 1: Learning about songs structure and deciding Lyrical Content for Verses and Chorus

Week 2:  Understanding chords and choosing chord progression for our song/

Week 3: Writing, mapping or recording our songs.



This week you will:

  • Learn about song structure
  • Write lyrics to the verse and chorus of your song
  • Start to think of melody ideas for your song.
  • Submit your ideas to Mrs Wright via email

You will need

  • Your borrowed Ukulele, your recorder, or just your voice to make up melody ideas.
  • downloads (if working digitally) or printouts (if working with paper and pen) of the following worksheets:

Verse Lyrics

Melody ideas

Chorus ideas


1.Learn about Song structure

Watch this great video to teach you all about song structure.

2. Write your Lyrics

Use the Verse Lyrics worksheet to create a mind-map of all the things you think to would be good to include in your lockdown song.  To start, we will not be writing a melody, ONLY lyrics, so just focus on the subject content.  Think of some really interesting and different vocabulary to describe:

  • how living through the Covid 19 pandemic has made you feel
  • how the lockdown in London has affected communities (either positive or negative)
  • the good things that have come out of staying at home
  • something you’ll want to never forget about this unusual time we are living through
  • people or communities that have inspired you
  • how your faith has helped you through this difficult time.

If you start hearing a simple melody (tune) starting to develop in your head, jot your ideas down on this Melody ideas sheet, or record it on a voice memo / video.

3. Write your Chorus

Think of the most important message of your song.  This will make up the lyrics to your Chorus.

TIP! Keep it simple, use repetition. …..Watch this video to give you some inspiration and jot your ideas down on this Chorus ideas worksheet.

4. Send your ideas to Mrs Wright via email

to p.wright@rosary.camden.sch.uk so that I can help you bring your ideas together and give you feedback.

Have fun, I can’t wait to hear all your ideas!