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Pelicans’ Amazing Stories!

Last week, Pelicans Class wrote some fantastic stories. This week there are even more stories… and they are arguably even better! Have a look at the photos that the children could choose to base their story on:

A total of twelve of you sent me your fantastic stories and they brought such joy to my day! That’s nearly half the class! I am so proud to have such fantastic writers in the class. I have dedicated a whole page to your amazing stories. I think I sense some future authors in Year 4!

Have a read of their stories below…

The Book by Joseph

Joseph has been writing this story for a while to stay busy at home. It is not even finished but already I am so excited to see how it progresses! Joseph is looking towards becoming the youngest author in the Guinness World Book of Records 2021. What a great goal to have for yourself! I can’t wait to finish his story!

The Creature in the Blue by William

William has used fantastic fronted adverbials and the opening to his story is especially exciting! Why do you think it is so effective?

Brace for Impact by Aedam

The title alone made me so excited to read this story! I wonder which picture Aedam chose to base his story on?

The Inventor by Charlotte K

Charlotte’s description is fantastic! I love how she creates such a great picture for the reader. She has really taken her time with her writing.

The Grandma’s Cottage by Helena

Helena worked SO hard on her story all day! I was blown away by her thoughtfulness and I know that her careful planning really helped with her structure.

The Flying House and the Penguins by Alex

Can anyone spot some familiar character names? I think they may have been inspired by my favourite book series… What a great story!

The Flight by Jessica 

Jess has used some fantastic fronted adverbials and paragraphs in her story! We spoke on Zoom about how hard she was working.

The Flying House by Sophia 

Sophia sets the scene of her story excellently. I can really imagine the characters in the house! I am so proud of how hard you have been working.

The Forest Castle by Ralph

Ralph loves counting his words as he writes! There are some lovely expanded noun phrases and figurative language!

Joo Won’s Story

A Greek God may feature in this story… have a read! It reminded me of our ‘Groovy Greeks’ Topic!

Alfie’s Story

I know how hard Alfie has been working and I am so proud of his writing. Have a read to discover what is in his magical kingdom…

Alek’s Story

Alek’s story has a very scary beginning! He has also included speech marks in his writing and an illustration!

Pelicans- I had to remind myself that you are Year 4 children. These stories sound like they belong in a book shop already.

Well done all of you! 🙂