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Easter Activities

Happy Friday Flamingos!

Here is a selection of activities to keep you going over the break. I look forward to hearing how you get on!


1) Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. If you could go back in time to this very day, what would you feel, see and experience? Write a story about your journey.

2) Write a story using this opener:

I searched high and low for the last Easter egg. Finally, I spotted it out of the corner of my eye hiding behind the curtain, but it was glowing…

3) Practise your spellings on Sirlinkalot


1) Practise your multiplication and division with these colouring activities.

2) Or choose your own Maths problem on NRICH (check the recommended ages for each one)


1) Write a diamonte poem about Easter.

If you can’t remember the structure, here it is:

2) Write a comic strip telling the Easter Story

And don’t forget to visit the Pray As You Go website



1) If you’re looking to spice up your usual egg painting, why not try volcano egg painting:

Volcano Easter Egg Experiment

2) Or grow your own rainbow.


1) Don’t forget about PE with Joe!

2) Or for a change, you could try the NHS 10 minute shake ups


1) Try out this rainbow scavenger hunt.

2) Or you could even have an egg rolling race!

Egg Rolling Race Easter Game for Adults, Kids, and Teens to Play

3) Enter this exciting Spring Break Design Challenge

Have a wonderful Easter Flamingos!