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I have just started reading Just William by Richard Crompton with my son at home. We are only a few pages in but so far so good! I will let you know all about it when we read a bit more. I think it is going to be very funny!


What  book are you reading at the moment? Or what books have you recently read and enjoyed?

What is the title? Who wrote the book? Why do you love it so much? Can you persuade others to give it a go and read it?


Post all your comments and suggestions on this blog so we can share the books we love!

16 comments on “We love to read!

  1. anna.mcgrory says:

    My favourite picture book to read as a child was ‘Burglar Bill’ by Janet and Alan Ahlberg. Right now I am loving the book ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre – it is a brilliant book which you could enjoy at home as a family.

  2. suzie.harris says:

    My favourite picture book is ‘Avocado Baby’ by John Burningham. My children absolutely loved it too and the baby really reminds me of my son at that age.

  3. My Mum and I have just finished reading The Storm Leopards by Holly Webb. It tells a story of a fantastic adventure of two girls from two different countries trying to save a snow leopard and her cubs.Not only was this a really exciting book to read it also taught me all about snow leopards and that they are an endangered species. It also tells you about the people that live in Mongolia(which I had never heard of until I read this book). I loved reading this with my Mum.

  4. I really liked reading claud in the city and l really liked it just
    Because it is very funny and sir bobbly sock was the most funny
    And claud was a bit funny as well but I really want everyone to
    read it.

  5. I’ve just read my show me ‘Woberly tooth must never ever fall out’ by Lauran child. It is a very magical book and it really reminds me of the tooth fairy. ???✨

  6. Christabella says:

    My favourite book is Begu because there are different types of places where Begu is.

  7. At the moment I am reading the Worst witch all at sea by Jill Murphy. It is all about a really bad witch who is a second year and her best friends are called Maud and Enid and the really bad witch Is called Mildred Hubble. She is a bad witch because she always does something really bad like turning Ethel into a pig but she is never means to. The clever but mean girls name is Ethel and she’s always teasing Maud and Mildred and Enid.

  8. Che Chinakwe-Early says:

    I am reading true or false. I like it beacuse it has a burger page. I have learnt a lot, from it

  9. Che Chinakwe-Early says:

    I am reading true or false, it is a very funny book and has a burger page. I have learnt a lot from it.

  10. Yekale Berhane says:

    I was reading a book called My Best friend, Bob by Georgie Ripper. I liked it because the book was about being friends and about being happy like when Brian and Bob met each other again.

  11. Yekale Berhane says:

    I read a book called My Best Friend, Bob. I liked this book because it was about being friends and about being happy like when Brian and Bob met each other again.

  12. I am now reading Fluttershy and the furry friends fair book. It is written by G.M. Barrow.
    Fluttershy looks after a bunny called Angel, he is a clever bunny and he always wants his food. One day they went to the circus where Fluttershy showed Angel all the bunnies who were doing amazing tricks in the show. Flim and Flam were the ringmaster ponies and they were presenting all the acts.
    Currently I am at chapter 6 and I can’t wait until I read the next ones.
    I like this book very much because I also watch my little pony cartoons and I already know the characters.

  13. My favourite story is Jack and the beanstalk because I used to act it in year 2.

  14. CiaraCottle says:

    I remember acting Jack and the beanstalk last year.My favourite book is escape from Shangri LA.It is about a old man who is really old.His granddaughter is Cessie.This book is by Michael Morpugo.I am on page 73.There is 206 pages.

  15. I have been reading a book called goosebumps night of the living dummy me and Ruby t have been reading different goosebumps books.

  16. I have just finished reading the book Matilda by Roald Dahl.It is
    illustrated by Quentin Blake.In the story Matilda’s parents tell her very unkind things but in the end,Matilda has a happy life with Miss Honey,her teacher.

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