Happy Easter

Macaws class have had a lovely end to their term!


To end our Famous Five topic, we dressed up as people who inspire us. Many of us dressed up as one of our five significant individuals but lots of us chose to go for someone different. We had David Attenborough, Muhammad Ali, Yuri Gagarin, Hilary Hahn and famous footballers make an appearance. Some children found inspiration a bit closer to home and came as their mum or Miss O’Toole, who was delighted to have the extra teachers!


This special day marked the end of our history focus on Famous Five, which we ended with Neil Armstrong. We finished our own version of Apollo 11 which we used to create news stories on the historic moment.


One comment on “Happy Easter

  1. alice.miles says:

    What a fantastic way to end your famous five topic! Great job everyone! 😊

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