Father Oliver visits

Father Oliver came to visit us yesterday to discuss our new RE topic, ‘The Christian Family.’ He spoke to us about baptism. We talked about the holy water in the baptismal font, the role of god parents and the Paschal candle. Father Oliver even chose some of us to act out a baptism. We know that the priest makes the sign of the cross on the baby’s forehead to welcome them to the Christian family. We also learned that god parents wrap the baby in a cloth for the same reason. Everyone is anointed with the oil of Chrism. We particularly liked this fact as it reminded us that we are all equal in the eyes of God- no matter our differences! Water is very important during baptisms as it reminds us of when Jesus was baptised by John in the River Jordan. Father Oliver also showed us oil of catechism and we shared our opinions about what it smelled like. Thank you so much for visiting, Father Oliver! It was such an interesting discussion and we are all excited to begin our new topic.

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