Today, we went on a trip to the Natural History Museum to learn more about our topic on earthquakes and volcanoes.

We travelled on an escalator through a giant globe and arrived at the exhibition about volcanoes and earthquakes. We saw models of the structure of the earth and volcanoes and learnt more about different eruptions around the world. We then went on a simulator of an earthquake in Japan and learnt about how buildings have been adapted to absorb the earthquakes movements. Afterwards, we participated in a workshop all about earthquakes and volcanoes and “saved Volcano town” by learning how to read a seisometer and evacuate the people on time. At the end of the day, we discovered rocks, minerals and gemstones in the Earth’s treasury.

4 comments on “Trip to the Natural History Museum

  1. We had so much fun at the museum! We enjoyed it so much. Our favourite part was when we entered the globe (even if it was a bit scary for us) (Leonie). The best thing about the museum was the earthquake simulator because in Japan it was a strong, bumpy motion (Atharv).

  2. I loved the gems and gemstones 💎 😃

  3. I have loved going to the natural history museum

  4. Wowwwww! That looks likes so much fun!
    Wish I was there!!

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