Today we carried on work with our rainforest dioramas, over the last week we have been lots of things in form home to help create the different parts, such as trees , leaves, animals plants and flowers. We used these to add much more detail to our rainforest scenes, it has been nice to work together planning the different stages and thinking of creative ways to use the resources we have.

We are enjoying it very much:

Danny: We are using really good teamwork, even though we all have different ideas we are putting them together to create something brilliant.

Heidi-Belle: I am loving it because it is so fun, we are using art and our imagination to create the different parts, we stuck down blue paper then put small stones around to create a lake.

Alex: This project is so fun as we get to use all our knowledge on the rainforest to create our own scenes, it is nice to be so createive and thinking about how we can make things like vines and trees from things we find at home.

Keep up to date with our work below!

10 comments on “Rainforest Project

  1. Gabriella diaz says:

    That was so much fun

  2. Making those rainforests were suuuuuuuuperrr funnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!???

  3. Thank you for letting us to do this lovely activity and show everyone my love for animals.

  4. I loved doing the project!

  5. We nearly finished we might need to do more that’s why

  6. Wow – your dioramas are looking so interesting! What a creative class you are. I am looking forward to seeing your rainforest instruments after half term as well. You can find instructions and ideas about making Rainforest junk percussion your class Home Learning page

  7. I loved it ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Miss Stefanou says:

    Wow! I love the creativity! Great to see so much beautiful Art work going on. You clearly know your Rainforests!

  9. It was so much fun ??

  10. I loved all the rainforests displays! They were so much fun to make because it was all about team work and we made ideas for what to bring in. My tables display had a monkey a bird vines and much more! This was my favirote lesson of the day when we did it. I think everyone’s display did well and I hope that we can do more lessons on are display! I can’t wait for when we work on them again it will be so much fun and we can make much more inprovment with them. I hope we can work on them this week!

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