On Wednesday the Key Stage 1 children performed their Nativity to The Rosary families. All the children worked so hard to learn their lines and the songs. We were so very proud of them and their performance. This years Nativity was the story of ‘Godfrey’ who was a rather helpful camel. His job was to carry all the bags for Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem- and he did a fantastic job!
Well done Key Stage 1! You were fantastic!

6 comments on “Key Stage 1 Nativity

  1. Lexi Jai yr4 says:

    Your nativity was excellent

  2. Anna McGrory says:

    It was an absolutely brilliant Nativity! Thank you to each and everyone of you – and of course to all the wonderful KS1 staff and Mrs Wright for all their hard work.

  3. Sonny Pagnello says:

    I wish I could do the Nativity with you KS1it was amazing.

  4. lillian okeh says:

    Well dun macaws!??????

  5. Elizabeth Tobun says:

    Well done my class

  6. Elizabeth Tobun says:

    Well done my class??????

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