We have had great fun creating our new School Prospectus to show anybody who is thinking about starting school! We are so proud of our wonderful school and we hope that our families and friends will share this video far and wide!


  1. This was amazing! I think it really captures Rosary as a whole! Loved it!

  2. Loved it!

  3. amy pritchard says:

    That was such a brilliant video – well done to all!

  4. Allan Burnett says:

    What a great school, with such exceptional teacher’s and students alike. Wonderful!

  5. Mrs Wheatley says:

    This makes my heart smile .
    So proud to be a part of all this love in our school !

  6. Rosemarie Byrne says:

    Well done all! A great video and reflecting a great school.

  7. Keith Sedgwick says:

    Excellent video, so glad I chose it for my two kids.

  8. It really captures the unique spirit of the Rosary. Well done team!!

  9. ∗∗∙∙≺~Lynn~≻∗ says:

    That was……….AMAZING!!!!! Is is just me but i loved it. This truly represents the rosary family.💖💗💖💗

  10. ∗~Lynn~∗ says:

    That was……….AMAZING!!!!! Is is just me but i loved it. This truly represents the rosary family.💖💗💖💗

  11. ∗~LAURYN~∗ says:

    That was……….AMAZING!!!!! I loved it; i cant explian this feeling with just words. Giving a virtual hug to everyone. xox

  12. Alexia’ mum says:

    This is amazing! Kids are really enjoying everything! All the staff are amazing! We missed being in School! Well done everyone

  13. Zega Ghebre says:

    I am glad I chose Rosary for my child, Rosary is not just school Rosary is everything!. I have children in different schools, but none of them are like Rosary.

  14. I loved the video!!!!
    and well done everyone to take part of it!!!

  15. I love it😍😂

  16. Anne Blayney says:

    What a brilliant video. It encapsulates everything that is brilliant about the Rosary school. Congratulations to all the stars in the video and all who created it.

  17. Nimita Parmar winston says:

    Lovely video

  18. What a video even I’m in it

  19. Lu Lu & co. says:


  20. Mrs Kelly says:

    I love this video & am so proud to be a part of our wonderful school!❤️

  21. Ella yr 4 says:

    Amazing well done 😀😀😀

  22. Hugh Stevenson says:

    Super film, as an ex-pupil from 1966-72 (then onto St.Richards in Kentish zTown) it’s very interesting to see how much is new but also how much is the same regarding the school’s great ethos. The Rosary is and always has been a NW3 gem.😀🔴

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