New slim-line homework at Rosary!

For the second half of the Autumn term, we are going to change our homework! In the first instance this will be a half term trial and we will take feedback from children, parents, staff and governors in January.


There is no evidence that, at primary level, homework, beyond core tasks, works to raise attainment nor to ‘close the gap’ for those children who need to catch up (please see our links on the school website);
Teachers spend valuable time preparing and marking homework, time which could be spent on planning and assessing lessons;
There is no time to differentiate homework (setting different work for different children’s levels as we do in class) and thus for many children homework is always too hard or too easy;
Many parents and children report that homework can be an un-rewarding experience at home. This risks putting children off learning and making parents’ relationships with children around school-work negative.
We are using huge quantities of paper for current homework at great economic and environmental cost. Our new slim-line homework will be predominantly online!

What are we proposing?

Children will still get weekly core skills practice tasks set; essentially, spelling, number facts, handwriting (at age appropriate levels) and the all-important expectation of daily reading and chat.


But homework is how I find out what is happening – how will I know?

We are a very open school. Alongside events such as parents’ workshops, curriculum meetings, parent consultations and open classrooms, parents are always welcome to come and see the teacher. In addition, teachers may add occasional suggestions to their core skills weekly practice or add things onto their Home Learning page on the website. For example, “Next week we will be looking at the digestive system. See what you can find out before Monday” or “we discovered this week that the first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC at the Greek city of Olympia. What other amazing Ancient Greece facts can you discover? “ or “ This week we have cracked long multiplication. Feel free to practise 2 digit by 1 digit calculations such as 35 x 7 at home! Here’s an example of how we do it” This is simply a stimulus and there is no expectation that work must be done/handed in; we won’t have homework books. Our wonderful school website with links to all sorts of teacher-approved sites which will allow your children to play educational games, find out facts and comment on news or blogs from school. We pay for subscriptions to Interactive Resources and Mathletics which provide great opportunities for your children to do maths at home.

But it’s such a good habit for secondary school?

Core practice of essential skills is what will secure firm foundations. The greatest gift you can give your child is time spent talking and reading and sharing experiences. They then have things to say and to write about; they have opinions to express and arguments to hold. In Year 6, the last year before secondary school and as end of year SAT tests approach, children have guided support with revision at home.

How do I know what they should be able to do?

We always give out ‘end of year expectations’ at the start of the year and for maths, a Rosary core facts sheet. These can guide expectations. In additions parents are always welcome to ask the teacher for guidance and ideas.

We don’t have access to the internet?

A paper copy will always be available for those children who need it. They just need to ask their teacher.

Members of the School Leadership Team will be available at Parent Consultations in the week beginning 6th November to discuss this further with parents.

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