Healthy Living and Medicines

As part of our commitment to educating the ‘whole child’ we strive to teach our children ways to lead a healthy life.  We want to help our children to stay healthy and happy as they grow up.  In this context, what happens at school every day is really important. Our PSHE curriculum across school sets out clear outcomes for teaching children the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

We have recently appointed children as our ‘Mini Health Champions’ in school.  Their role is to think of ways to encourage our community to be healthier.


We encourage children to always eat healthily – see our school dinners page for more information about our fantastic school food! In the Nursery every child gets a free carton of milk every day. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are given a fruit snack every day and all other children are allowed to bring in a piece of fruit from home to eat at morning break.

We are a nut free school! For birthdays, the children are allowed to bring in packets of Haribos for their classmates.

Here is Camden’s Packed Lunch Policy – we use this at Rosary to ensure that children who go on trips and those who bring their lunch to school every day are eating healthily.

Camden’s Packed Lunch Policy

DSCN0084We are officially a ‘Healthy School’! This means that we have been recognised for our achievements in supporting the health and wellbeing of our pupils. We help children lead a healthy lifestyle directly – to make healthy food choices at lunchtime, to be active at and on the way to school – and, more widely, we help children learn about their health, and develop their motivation and self-respect to make healthy choices. The benefits go beyond health.  We know that when children are healthy and happy at school, they can achieve more. The Healthy Schools award scheme is sponsored by the Mayor of London and we are very proud to be part of it! You can find out more here…

Here are some more links to offer guidance for promoting a healthier lifestyle…

The NHS Live Well website has some good tips and ideas for keeping your family healthy

Visit the Change 4 Life website for tips and help to make changes for a healthier future

We recently became the Champions of the Race to Health Campaign in Camden – Well done!


Mrs Norah Browne is the designated First Aider and responsible for Pupil Care and Well-being. She monitors all medication and medical needs within the school.

Teachers are not allowed to administer any medication. Exceptions are made in cases of children suffering from asthma, diabetes or any other chronic illnesses. In these cases staff would supervise the children taking their own medicine.


Asthma Pumps and any medical equipment must be labelled with the child’s name and class. They are kept in the office and are administered by the designated member of staff. Children in Key Stage 2 are usually responsible for their own asthma pumps.

Regular training is given to all staff for the treatment of anaphylaxis.

All children requiring medical intervention are named and have a medical care plan, copies are in the staffroom. Information about any child with severe medical conditions is on display in the staff room. Specific training is given, where appropriate for life threatening conditions.