Year 4 recorder concert

On Monday, the year 4 children held their summer recorder concert! This concert was to celebrate all their hard work this year in learning the recorder with their recorder teacher Layil.

They were joined by some older students too who have continued to learn the recorder past year 4. The children performed numerous pieces in front of the whole school and their parents and carers.

Well done to all the children who took part!

5 comments on “Year 4 recorder concert

  1. abigail year4????⚽? says:

    I really enjoyed this yr of playing the recorder

  2. Charlottek says:

    Wish I had seen it!????

  3. Ava Year 6 says:

    I really enjoyed the Year 4 recorder concert.

  4. Danny Y5 (nearly Yr5/6). says:

    I was there at the recorder recitle and i performed. I loved it! The Yr4’s were amazing! I would recomend private recorder lessons and if you cant afford it you could wait to Yr4! I loved it! Thanks You Layil! ???????

  5. Mia Clarke says:

    It was so wonderful I love it!!! I wish I can do it!!!????

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