Rosary Choir and Mini Choir at St Dominic’s Priory

The Rosary Choir and Mini Choir joined forces on Friday 24th May to sing at a very special Mass to celebrate the opening of a new Rosary Garden at St Dominic’s Priory.

The Mass was led by the Abbot of Buckfast Abbey.  An Abbot is the head of a monastery and he wore special vestments (robes) and a mitre (ceremonial head-dress).

The mass followed the liturgy that we know from school Mass but we experienced extra parts that made it feel super special, such as sung Latin Gregorian chant and lots of insence.

We sang two communion motets: Ave Maria and Blessed One.

We loved singing the congregation hymns which included one of our favourites “Bring Flowers of the Rarest”.

After the Mass, we all processed to the outside of the church, where the Abbot blessed the new Rosary Garden with holy water and he crowned the statue of Our Lady with blossoms (just like in the hymn!). We handed out prayer cards that our school designed and enjoyed telling people about the artwork our school friends created.

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  1. Isabella George says:

    Thank you for taking us there, Mrs Wright.

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