PGL 2018 DAY 4

And here we are again… the end of another year of PGL.

The kids had a great time at the disco last night, dancing the night away!  After packing their cases, they went off to bed for their last PGL sleep.

Today’s activities include Archery and Trapeze. The rain seems to be holding off at the moment – let’s hope that continues 🤞

We’ll have lunch and we plan to leave at 2pm. We’re due back at 4.30pm but we’ll send a text update once we’re 30 mins away.

See you soon…



14 comments on “PGL 2018 DAY 4

  1. Julie Delaney says:

    PGL looks so wonderful. What a great team of teachers. See you later Sinead – miss you xxx

  2. Emma Wise says:

    Enjoy your last day of PGL year 6! Thank you so much to all the staff that made this wonderful trip happen, the children are very lucky to have such great teachers! We cant wait to see you Danny, Love Mum xx

  3. I hope you enjoyed your time at PGL,year 6.

  4. Philip Dunne says:

    Hey Alfie, the archery looks like so much fun, I am so jealous! Hope you enjoyed the disco and did not use too many of dads famous dance moves. Can’t wait to get you back!

  5. I hope you have enjoyed your time at PGL.

  6. Last day of PGL & the archery looks great. Looking for the disco pics but can’t find them. Year 6, were your fantastic teachers dancing so much they didn’t take photos? 🤔😂.
    Hope you all enjoy the last few hours & a big thank you to all you wonderful teachers.
    See you soon Alfie, can’t wait. Love mum xx

  7. Anne-Marie Ulcickas says:

    Hi Darius and everyone at PGL, Thank You again for these wonderful and happy pictures! The disco looked great! I hope you are all not too tired after dancing so much! 😊 Can’t wait to see you Darius! Love, Mummy xxx

  8. Hi Ivan! I am sure you won’t want to come back after all this fun at PGL…..
    Thank you staff and teachers for making the children have such great experience!!!
    See you soon Ivan 😀
    Have a safe journey to all of you.

  9. Monica Phillips says:

    Hi Chloe and everyone on PGL, enjoy your last day, It seems like you all had a really wonderful experience on this trip. See you soon

  10. Miss Ramsay says:

    It looks like your having a wonderful time, we can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. Have a lovely final day.

    From the Kingfishers

  11. Angela O’Leary says:

    The pics are great. So glad to have Megan back missed her so much. Thank you to all the staff for looking after her so well. Have a good restful half term think you all deserve it. Xx

  12. Archery is one of my favourite activities at PGL. After the photo of me shooting was taken, I actually got ‘The bull’s eye’! That is just one of my many achievements at PGL. I wish that I could go back and do the rest of the activities. Thank you Miss Kennedy for taking everyone in year 6 to PGL!

  13. To all the staff
    Thank you for looking after Lyla she had a great time love all
    The pictures

  14. This feels like such a long time ago

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