How many wellies long are you?

As part of our ‘Growth’ topic, our chicks have been thinking about what plants need to help them grow. They have also discussed what it is they need to help them grow.

As a class, we agreed that we need to drink lots of water, exercise and eat healthy food in order to grow big and strong. The chicks took turns to measure Miss Miles using lots of different objects. They then took turns to measure each other, ask your chick what they used.

It was so much fun that the next day Mrs McGrory came down to join in the fun and be measured! Why not have fun at home using different objects to measure each other? If you get a chance to experiment, please send in a photograph so your child can tell their friends all about it.

2 comments on “How many wellies long are you?

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    It was so much fun being measured! I was 9 wellies long! Miss Miles was 10 wellies long so I know she is taller than me. Great measuring Chicks!

  2. I enjoyed this.

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