Macaws in Kew Gardens!

We had a fantastic trip to Kew Gardens today! First, we were all very sensible on the Overground. Some of us even pretended to read the newspapers (there was lots of excitement over the Arsenal section).

When we arrived, we went to the Palm House Parterre where it was extremely warm, just like a rainforest. We saw lots of different plants and even climbed up onto the balcony! We then had a workshop where we learned about the different parts of a plant and what they do. It was amazing to see all of the various plant types and their habitats. We all particularly loved the plant which we use to make chocolate!

After lunch, we visited The Hive. This is a special structure created by an artist to remind people of the importance of pollination. We discussed how it looked like a bee hive and this related very well to our learning in Science!

We then tried  to take photos in a circle around some lovely flowers… it wasn’t the most successful photo but it was a lot of fun!

Finally, we had time for one more photo by the beautiful lake. What a lovely day we all had!

4 comments on “Macaws in Kew Gardens!

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    What a wonderful day out you look to have had! I love all these photos! I have heard how fantastic all of KS1 were throughout the entire day and I am super proud of you all!


    Climbers and Creepers was so much fun!!!????

  3. I really enjoyed are school trip at kew Gardens✅ I had the best time ever

  4. Everybody must have loved the Hive!!

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