Ducklings have been busy ordering!

The Ducklings have been very busy ordering their toys.

They have been gathering up their favourite toys and ordering them from the smallest to biggest. Some Ducklings went on to use non-standard measurements to measure the length of their toys: they used paper chains!

Take a look at what they did…




7 comments on “Ducklings have been busy ordering!

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    I love these photos! Well done everyone!

  2. Miss Barry Murphy says:

    These are fantastic! I love seeing all of your toys in order! Super sorting from the Ducklings!

  3. Well done ducklings! You look like you have been busy! What a fun way to explore measurement!

  4. Mrs Ahmed says:

    Well done duckling super job!

  5. Anne Blayney says:

    Your photos are so uplifting. I love all your smily faces.
    Keep on exploring

  6. alice.miles says:

    Great work ducklings! I wonder how many different ways you could sort your toys? Could you sort them by colour, shape or different species of animals?
    Well done everyone!?

  7. ruby and haylie says:

    i love them so much
    well done

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