Churchill War Rooms

Yesterday, we visited the Churchill War Rooms. This incredible museum takes you back in history to when Churchill ran the war from his underground bunker. Despite being extremely small, it was a hub of activity and we really sensed all the vital conversations and decisions which must have taken place down there. The Condors followed in Churchill’s footsteps hearing first hand accounts of what he was like and how he won Britain the War. We now can’t wait to continue our research in World War 2 and the Winston Churchill.



3 comments on “Churchill War Rooms

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    How amazing that you were able to follow in Churchill’s footsteps and actually experience what it must have been like in his underground bunker! We are so lucky to live in London and have all of this on our doorstep! Well done for behaving so well and setting the standard for trips this year Condors! Miss McGrory

  2. Churchill War Rooms was so fun!

  3. I really enjoyed going to church hill war rooms. This trip was very interesting and I really enjoyed it.
    Thank you Miss Ramsay for taking us

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