Catholic Social Teaching Theme: ‘ Rights and Responsibilities’

Our Catholic Social Theme for this half term is: Rights and Responsibilities.

All of God’s people must have food, water, work, clothes, a home, school and medical care.  These are basic ‘rights’ and all people must have them if they are to survive and live with dignity.  But many do not.  Jesus wants those who do have these rights to help others get their rights.  It is a ‘responsibility’ to see that the others get their rights.

We shall be working on ways to help those in need who do not have basic human rights.

What can you do to help those in need?


5 comments on “Catholic Social Teaching Theme: ‘ Rights and Responsibilities’

  1. We could help the homeless again like we did with the passage.

  2. This will be an intresting topic to learn.

  3. I could buy the homeless food and water to have.

  4. Maya ( Y6 ) says:

    We could dress up and bring in a pound more often.

  5. This would be a great topic to learn. We could give money and old clothes to charity, and donate spare coins to the homeless.

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