Catholic Social Teaching in Snowy Owls

In Snowy Owls, we have been learning about our Catholic Social Teaching theme: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable. 

This means that we must respond to the needs of “the least among us” and acknowledge the common good of all people.
God sees the needs of the world and people that are weak, vulnerable and poor have higher needs.
Preferential does not mean that God loves the poor more, but it means that our primary focus is addressing their needs and then acknowledging additional needs.
Option for the poor includes all people in our nation and beyond.

The Snowy Owls all researched and created a fact file about an inspiring person who they think worked hard to help the poor and vulnerable; who went above and beyond to help change the lives of those less fortunate than themselves. Here are a few examples:

Thomas Barnardo:

Saint Teresa of Avila:


Some were inspired by the recent beatification of Carlo Acutis (patron saint of the internet!):

Mother Teresa:


Saint Francis:


Harriet Tubman:

William Booth:

Clarissa Barton:

Hopefully we can take inspiration from our research and try to help those poor and vulnerable around us today!

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