Careers Day 2020

The Duckling’s had a great day on Careers Day. We were thrilled to see all the different careers the children want when they grow up.  We had Vets, Nurses, Doctors, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, a Palaeontologist  and more.

We started our morning with a parade in the school hall showcasing our wonderful outfits and costumes. When we came back to class we had a discussion about what we would like to be when we grow up. The children shared their ideas and asked each other questions.

Then a Fire Fighter come and talk to us about what they do and what their roles is. She explained the importance of what to do when there is a fire and how we can get help. She also discussed how important it is to have smoke alarms in our houses and at school. The children then said they hear the loud alarm go off when we have to practice our fire drill at school.

We had other special visitors who came down to Reception to speak about their profession including a Police Officer, Doctor and a Film maker. The children were curious to find out what they did every day and asked lots of questions.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in Careers Day! What a great way to promote all the wonderful career opportunities the children have for the future!

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