The Rosary is a happy school community that respects and cares about people and the environment in which we live. Through our faith we will give all children the confidence, imagination and will to succeed in life and contribute to society.

Whole School


  • To teach respect for individuals and the understanding that we are all different.
  • To ensure a consistent, positive approach to behaviour management throughout the school day and to After School clubs.
  • To provide children and staff with an environment that is suitable for learning.
  • To ensure the emotional, social and learning needs of individuals are addressed appropriately.
  • To establish clear procedures for dealing with and managing unacceptable behaviour.
  • To praise and reward good work, behaviour and attitudes.
  • To encourage the active and early involvement of parents in supporting positive behaviour.
  • To be aware that discipline in schools must respect children’s human dignity (Article 28 UN Children’s Rights)

Rosary School believes in promoting positive behaviour. In consultation with the children, staff, parents and governors at The Rosary School, we have developed a policy which aims to encourage children to work and play together to maintain this ethos. Please click here to find out more by reading our full Behaviour Policy Behaviour Policy 2015.