Wonderful work Chicks!

Good morning Chicks! Let’s start our day with our ? song and our prayer.

What amazing work we have seen from you again this week! Fantastic designing and construction of recycled materials. Experimenting with materials that float and sink And making your own boats just like Mr Gumpy. We have also seen some great counting, book making and experimenting with taste. Great work Chicks!

Have a wonderful half term everybody and we hope to see you all very soon! Remember to join in with our Rosary Rainbow!

The Nursery Team.

One comment on “Wonderful work Chicks!

  1. Miss Barry Murphy says:

    Wow, Jacob did SO WELL in the Rosary’s Got Talent final this afternoon! I was so impressed with his singing! & What a wonderful week of learning the Chicks had! Have a wonderful half term everyone!

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