We are now Toucans!




Class 1/2 are now Toucans!

What do you know about Toucans?

Post any interesting facts here so we can learn all about this wonderful bird!

I look forward to reading all your facts!

3 comments on “We are now Toucans!

  1. Toucans have very large beaks which they use to catch fish quickly and have large eyes to see from their nest.Toucans are very coulifull to attract humans to look at them.Toucans always like to purch on thick branches and look out for tastey fish.Toucans live in a tropical forest.

  2. Toucans are one of the colourful birds that live up high in the trees.

  3. Harry Wise says:

    Toucans have very long beck so they can peck trees to get food for
    Their baby Toucans. The mummy toucan leaves the baby toucans in there nests.

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