Toucans Friday 15th May

Good Morning toucans,

Oh what a week! I have loved seeing so many of you busy in the garden and all of your VE day celebrations, you all clearly had a lovely bank holiday. I’ve seen lots of super artwork this week and A lost his first tooth, I hope the tooth fairy came! The shoelace challenge is still going so if you have learned how to tie up your shoelaces please send in a video (you could send it in Google classroom for everyone to see)

I had so much fun watching you all perform on our zoom call for Rosary’s Got Talent on Thursday, our winner will be announced soon.

I have left a little word wheel for you to tackle as I know how much you like them, try and get your family involved, see how many you can come up with together!

Have a super weekend, keep your fab photos coming in,

See you later alligators

Miss Stefanou 🙂



4 comments on “Toucans Friday 15th May

  1. Joseph McNamara says:

    the picture of me with the foot ball is me on my zoom with my foot ball team.

  2. Miss Barry Murphy says:

    Wow! Lots of things happened for the Toucans this week: losing a tooth, drawing, football, VE day colouring, planting… You have been so busy! There is so much talent in this class… even before any of the Rosary’s Got Talent auditions! You must be so proud, Miss Stefanou!

  3. Mrs Solomons says:

    It is wonderful to see all the exciting news from the Toucans.I hope you all have another eventful week and share your news with us. Looking forward to catching up with you all, enjoy the sunshine 🙂

  4. Mrs Penna says:

    What a busy week you have had toucans!

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