To The Moon and Back

What a week we have had!

We were delighted to welcome a special visitor to Key Stage 1 to help us with our Religion learning. Brother Andrew joined us to explain the different parts of the Mass. We came away with a much better understanding of some very difficult concepts, including the Consecration. 



In topic we finally and delightedly got to put all our recycling collection to good use to make rockets. We made our own versions of Apollo 11 as part of our learning on Neil Armstrong. We had a very fun, creative and messy afternoon.


Make sure you ask us:

What is the Consecration?

What are the names of the other 2 Apollo 11 crew members?

What year did Apollo 11 land on the moon?

What does Mass mean?

What is a quarter? How is it different from a half?

What is bigger a third or a quarter? Why?

What was your proudest moment of the week?



3 comments on “To The Moon and Back

  1. It was so much fun making the rocket.😊😃

  2. I enjoyed making a rocket! 😀😁😃

  3. It was a great day to build a rocket with you

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