The Force Awakens!

Forces of Nature!

Our new topic this term is called Forces of Nature! We will be looking at forces in Science, focussing on magnets and the magnetic field. We will also be looking at climate change and the unusual weather we have been experiencing lately across the world!


What do you already know about weather and the issues around climate at the moment? What can you find out?

large tornado over the road (3D rendring)


Children from ski schools practice on a thin layer of snow towards the resort of Leysin, Swiss Alps, on December 28, 2015.  In a season traditionally associated with ice-skating, snowball fights and mulled wine in wintry Europe, birds are chirping, flowers blooming and fake snow covering Alpine ski slopes in one of the warmest Decembers on record. / AFP / FABRICE COFFRINIFABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images ORG XMIT:

24 comments on “The Force Awakens!

  1. My mum went to Somali land and there was a drought

  2. In my book, I found out that there can be fire tornadoes

  3. Hi MISS FRANCIS, can a tornado appear in London? If so, when and where did the tornado

  4. I have been in a earth quake (fake) in a musuem and the cans fell down.???

  5. An avalanche is a force of nature

  6. What’s the least powerful force of nature

  7. What’s the most powerful force of nature?

  8. anna.francis says:

    Hi Victoria,

    Yes, in 2006 a tornado hit North London. It caused damage to properties and injured 6 people!

  9. How big was that tornado?

  10. Anna Francis says:

    The tornado was big, it lasted for less than a minute but caused a lot of damage in this time! Although a tornado is not that unusual, the amount of damage it caused is! The last tornado which caused that much damage (millions of pounds worth) in London was in 1954.

  11. anna.francis says:

    Good question Stephan! What do you guys think, what is the most powerful force of nature in regards to weather and why?

  12. I think that the most powerful Force of Nature is a tsunami because it destroys almost everything in its path, and drowns so many people.

  13. Earthquakes happen when plates, or rocks, within the Earth suddenly break or shift under stress, sending shock waves rippling

  14. in croatia there was a flood and my grandparents were there but they survived.

  15. In Croatia there was a flood and my grandparents were there but they survived

  16. Harry Ugbah says:

    Extreme weather is an unusual weather such as Tsunamis or a Hurricane or a Tornado. A Tsunami can knock down buildings and animals can sense when they are coming. A hurricane is not that big but it can still knock down trees.A volcano is very dangerous because people can get killed because in a volcano there is lava. A tornado is a really bad thing you can get blown every where and also it can knock down buildings and it can also kill people.

  17. Just recently Melbourne experienced floods, hail stones and high winds and there are warnings of very dangerous severe thunderstorms to come.

  18. the biggest tornado is 219mi 352km.

  19. HI MISS FRANCIS,? did you know that on Scotland there were lots of floods and it was up to your knee.??

  20. did you know there are water tornadoes?

  21. yesterday there was an earthquake in taiwan

  22. nice fact hugh

  23. I saw ? on the news it said that there was a fire tornado!???

  24. A FIRE TORNADO!Wow Hatty do you know where it happened????

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