Superb Snowy Owls Code like CRAZY!

On Friday 1st February, Snowy Owls took a trip to the CLC. We were lucky enough to meet 5 amazing Roblox coders. Year 5 had the fantastic opportunity to test out the new Roblox material. We did an outstanding job as the work we were doing was a very high standard. A full day of hard work will now be taken back to Roblox HQ, where they will absorb our ideas and use them for the next update.

5 comments on “Superb Snowy Owls Code like CRAZY!

  1. That looks cool , Snowy Owls.

  2. Peter keane says:

    Your day looks amazing!

  3. Mr Keane says:

    Looks fantastic!

  4. I loved coding ROBLOX it was really fun!😃😃

  5. Danny Y5 says:

    I aggre with Maria! 👍💖

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