Pufflings Wonderful Work- Friday 22nd of May

Happy Friday Pufflings!

It was great  to see your smiling faces in our Singing Assembly and Zoom meeting!

What a busy week we have had playing and learning! I hope you all enjoyed the story of the Snail and the Whale. It was such a great story to learn about how our actions impact our animals and teaches us a valuable lesson of working together as a community during hard times.

This week we researched about Snails and created our own information books. We drew snail pictures and labelled parts of their body and wrote a few interesting facts. It’s great to see you using your phonics to help you! Keep it up!

You have also been so busy doing lots of counting and learning how to double numbers with lots of fun games. I hope you all enjoyed  singing and dancing to the ‘Doubles rap’!

Have a good half term break! Take care and stay safe!

Miss Quinon


One comment on “Pufflings Wonderful Work- Friday 22nd of May

  1. Miss Barry Murphy says:

    What beautiful snail pictures, Pufflings! All that fantastic labelling is teaching me lots! We also had such a brilliant Rosary’s Got Talent final this afternoon! Lili was such a superstar performer- wow! Hope you have a fantastic half term break, Miss Quinon and all the Pufflings!

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