Pufflings- Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning Pufflings,


We hope you have all had a great weekend with your families!. Did you manage to collect much rain? Did you manage to reuse your collected rain water?

This week we will continue thinking about how we can be Eco-Warriors and help protect the planet!


Our focus for the week will be to think about food waste! What can we do with any food that is going to waste? Do you know that we have different coloured bins so we can sort our rubbish to help recycle? Do you know who collects all our different rubbish and recycling and where it goes? You could investigate this with your family this week. Try and investigate and learn these new words; compost and waste.

FROM THIS WEEK daily games and activities will be uploaded onto Evidence Me. Please check Evidence Me every day.

 This week we will also have lots of fun with a brilliant story called, Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel. We really hope you enjoy it. You can find it at the top of this page.


REMEMBER to go to our Daily Phonics for EYFS news page every day to take part in the phonics lesson.

We thought that you might enjoy this excellent link to traditional stories and rhymes from the BBC!

BBC stories and rhymes

Here is a link to a beautiful album of music called Earth Calling made and sung by a dear friend of the Rosary School, Caroline Chan.

Earth Calling Album Link.

This wonderful song made by Matt Lucas helps give advice about avoiding coronavirus. It is also helping raise funds for FeedNHS who is aiming to take food from the thousands of cafes, restaurants and canteens that have been forced to shut down and send it to hospitals. A fundraising page has already raised almost £600,000. So singing baked potato will be help to feed doctors and nurses. It also has a very special vegetable in it,  A SUPERTATO!


* See you on Wednesday for Singing Assembly at 11.30am and for our Zoom meetings on Friday.

ALSO, it is a very special day on Friday for the whole country as it is VE Day! Please have a look at the news page on our website for information about this day and what it means.

Each day we will upload an activity or two onto Evidence Me. This can be accessed through the app or websuite. ( Please let us know if you have any issues accessing Evidence Me and we will help you. You will be able to upload photos of your child completing the activity straight onto your child’s profile. Once again just ask if you need any help.


Have a good day!

Miss Quinon

2 comments on “Pufflings- Monday 4th May 2020

  1. Miss Barry Murphy says:

    Good morning Miss Quinon and all the Pufflings! What a fantastic week of learning it is going to be! I loved the “Michael Recycle” story, thank you to Miss McDermott for reading it. I also thought the ‘Baked Potato’ song was so funny, but helpful too! Hope you have a wonderful week, Pufflings!

  2. Anna McGrory says:

    Good Morning Pufflings! What a lovely start to the week to hear Miss McDermott reading such a great story – thank you! And I absolutely loved both songs on here too. I hope you all enjoy using Evidence Me – it is so exciting to be able to have this great new platform for sharing all your wonderful experiences and your great work! Have a brilliant week everyone. 🙂

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