Puffling facts!

Puffins look a little bit like penguins but they are completely different birds. They are much smaller than penguins, only ten inches high.  They are expert swimmers and fishermen, diving 30-40 feet in search of fish. Puffins are great parents.  They usually mate for life, and have one baby each summer.  Their babies are called “Pufflings”.  Puffins dig burrows in soft earth along beaches and cliffs for their babies.  They make a toilet area in front of the burrow to keep the baby clean.  If Pufflings get their feathers dirty, they might drown once they swim out in the sea.  Puffins carry fish to their baby Pufflings.  They can carry up to 60 fish at one time and they can fly up to 55 miles an hour! Puffins and Pufflings make low growling noises!

What amazing facts can you find out about these wonderful creatures? Let’s see how much information we can we gather as a class!

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  1. anna.mcgrory says:

    I found out a great fact about puffins! A puffin’s beak (or bill) changes colour during the year. In winter, the beak has a dull grey colour, but in spring it blooms with an outrageous orange! Wow!

  2. Hi Mrs Hanley its Harry in year four I know that puffins are the only penguins that can fly.It is really amazing.?

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