Poetic Flamingos

We have been writing some poems inspired by “Moon Juice” by Kate Wakeling.

We have adapted this poem to focus on the sun instead. Click here to listen to the original.

Sun is a magical magician sharing his secrets.

Sun is a shining shell reflecting in the sea.

Sun is a fiery flower crackling in the sky.

by Sidney

Shy sun is spreading its vibes.

Shy sun is stretching its body.

The friendly sun is hugging the clouds.

This laughing lamp is looking in the cloudy mirror.

The cold sun is lonely and freezing in the fog and snow.

by Lillian

The sun is a shining shell shyly peeking from behind a plane.

The sun is a fiery flare.

The sun is a sparkling sunny star.

The sun is a sunny sun.

The sun is a laughing lamp.

By Luke


Can you think of any ways to describe the sun? 

2 comments on “Poetic Flamingos

  1. the shy sun is flying with a sunny shy teddy.????

  2. wow i like your ideas

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