Our Week in the Words of Mia


It has been really fun being back at school! I am so happy to be back with all my friends in my new class.

This week we have been learning a lot of new things. We started reading this week and I learned something really interesting in my groups book about yoyo’s. Yoyo’s are the second oldest toy, the oldest is a doll. The first yoyo was in Greece but the word yoyo comes from the Philippines.


In maths we have been looking at tens and partitioning them, we have been comparing and ordering numbers with the greater, less than and equal sign. We have been working especially hard on our 2 timetables, we want to know them off by heart, I know all of mine. We started playing new maths games, my favourite is ‘I Love Maths.’

In literacy we have been reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea and exploring describing the characters and the story events with good adjectives. An adjective is a word that describes a noun. We did some great writing in class.


In Religion we learned about Abraham and his wife Sarah and what God asked him to do. Abraham was a very faithful person who loved God that is why he listened to him, the story taught me I should trust God. We also thought about people we trust, these are the people who make us feel safe and loved, most of us wrote about our parents.

My lesson of the week was Literacy on Friday, we made tiger masks and used them to act out our story and moving and talking like the polite tiger.


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  1. Thank you for choosing me to do the blog. You are the best teacher ever!

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