Our Week in the Words of John

We have had a very busy and exciting week in class. In maths we have been problem solving with multiplication and division, some fo ti has been tricky as there was a lot of steps and wehad to think carefully about what we were being asked and how to sovle it. To help figure out we would draw bar models and pictures, it was fun to be really challenged and see that thinking hard is normal.

We have been writing our rainforest storis, telling the story of deforestation from the point of view of the rainforest and how devastating it is for the trees and animals that live in them. We used lots of good language to really describe. We typed them up to publish an we each brought home our own story to share with our parents.

In religion we made our own books! Everyone created their own mini books explaining the Sacrament of Reconciliation, it was fun to create a whole book, and great because we all knew so much about it.

Today had especially fun as we did our sponsored run for Love Your Heart, Love Your School day, I did 15 laps! Then to finish we carried with our rainforest they are beginning to look very real.

Have a lovely half term!


2 comments on “Our Week in the Words of John

  1. Well done John!

  2. John wise words just wise I loved this week.I did I wrote 500 words!

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