Our Week In the Words of Holybel

I have had a very interesting  week in class, we spent all week looking at problem solving in maths. We practised using all our knowledge about addition and subtraction to solve more complicated problems. It was actually really fun because we really had to look for the clues to find out what the problem was about and the hidden number sentence. When we have a really tricky problem we can do things to help us understand like drawing pictures or putting the information in a part whole model to help us see what we need to calculate. We even learned when taking away from a big multiple of ten, for example instead of doing 10,000 –  5796, which can be really confusing as we will have to do a lot of exchanging we make it easier by taking away one from both numbers like 9999 – 5795  and solving this. It works really well because we still get the right answer and there is much less exchanging.

In literacy we have been looking at newspaper reports and the different features they have. The first thing in any article has is a headline which sums up the story in two or three words, it is meant to grab the readers attention. Then there is the lead, the lead explains the who, what, where, when and why of the story in one or two sentences. A reader should know all the key information just from the lead. Next week we will be looking more closely a the main body as we will be writing about the arrest of Lalchand in The Firework Makers Daughter.

We also had a super interesting lesson in science about soundwaves. We looked at how different amplitudes and frequencies create different waves, amplitude is the volume the louder, the louder a sound is the higher the crests are. Frequency means pitch, when a sound is low pitched the waves are far apart and they get closer when the pitch gets higher. It was really interesting and we even got to become Ghostbusters and figure out which ghost was making each sound based on their waves.

Today has been the best day as we celebrated the stars in our school, the support staff. The whole school went to a lovely assemebly that I was helping to lead and we shared what makes all our support staff so special. They even had a special tea with cakes and other treats that they really deserve, we are so lucky to have so many wonderful people to help us each day. It makes me proud to be in Rosary.





20 comments on “Our Week In the Words of Holybel

  1. I loved maths

  2. The math was amazing

  3. Well done you are very good at sience and maths.😀😀😀

  4. That was fun

  5. I had so much

  6. Holybel is right we did learn all of that and had such fun.

  7. Hollybel was right about the subjects we have worked on.

  8. Holybel that was so much fun

  9. Christian and Delina says:

    Hollybel was right about the subjects we have worked on.

  10. I’m loved learning about this body part

  11. Holybell that was amazing I love it so what’s after the anvil…………..

  12. Christian and Delina says:

    Hollybel was right about the subjects we have worked on it was fun to everyone!

  13. Well done Hollybell.

  14. The ear is very interesting

  15. I have been happy on what you did for the whole week now.

  16. John morewood says:

    My favourite was the maths and then I liked literacy it was very fun dut the since was very interesting and tricky.

  17. Christian and Delina says:

    Hollybel was right about the maths worksheet and it was very fun to discover through the lesson!

  18. The ear is a big part of my body

  19. Christian and Delina says:

    It was fun

  20. Christian and Delina says:

    We was very good working and we tryed our best

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