Our Week in the Words of Danny

Kingifshers week has been amazing, we have learnt a lot of interesting and tricky things. In maths we have been learning how to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers, at the start it was a bit tricky but the more we practised the better we got, now we are all really good at it and are using to solve problems. We have moved on to division which is a bit trickier but we are taking our time in exploring it, so we will proabaly be just as good at it. I really like maths because we don’t just do sums we get to sovle problems, we even write our own problems which Miss O’Toole will try to solve. In english we are still looking at the rainforest and we have been using drama and debate to explore deforestation from the point of view of the rainforest, it was really very interesting and even shocking to see how bad things have got, I couldn’t believe how many animals are endangered because of it.

We also used this knowledge in topic and we created anti- deforestation posters, we all worked very hard on creating interesting and informative posters to help save our rainforests. I enjoyed it because we got to write, design and draw to make our points, some people even created their own posters at home to stick up outside of school, they wanted to encourage people to stop using palm oil. Palm oil is used in a lot of stuff like shampoo and even cookies but it means too many trees are being cut, if we stop buying things with palm oil hopefully they will stop cutting down trees.

We have been learning all about Reconciliation in Religion, which is focused on confessing our sins and asking forgiveness, I really enjoyed our lesson on Ash Wednesday. We learned that Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent, a special time of year preparing for Easter and we think about the sacrifice Jesus made. We had a really fun activity and drew our own art symbolising Ash Wednesday. I drew 3 crosses to represent Jesus’ sacrifice, fish to represent Jesus feeding others which we should also try to do during lent by helping the poor and vulnerable and I also drew a heart for the love Jesus give us.

I am really excited for next week as we have just started our big project in Topic, we are working in our groups to make rainforest diorama’s, it is going to be really fun.



9 comments on “Our Week in the Words of Danny

  1. I loved the rainforest diorama lesson because we get to make our own rainforest with are table, I had lots of fun making the back round with my table. we made a water fall and lots of trees I made rocks for the top of the waterfall . the lesson was so fun and I am so exited for the next time we work on them. next week we will be putting stuff on it , last week we did the floor and back round. the next lesson will be so much fun! I am brining in blue tack and tooth picks to make a bush with the leaves we used last week.

  2. Danny how did you right all that word’s it is amazing and thank you for righting.

  3. That was such a good lesson we made diromas and posters and more

  4. It was amazing

  5. I loved it

  6. I really liked the lesson it was super fun and I got to finish in year 1 but everyone got there’s on des play or not there book but mine wasn’t in either

  7. Danny how did you colour in soooooooo good and how did you write sooooooo much I also like the bit where you said SAVE THE WORLD and that bit is brave, thanks for writing that, I think your one amazing and two I loved it and three YOU ARE THE BEST, BECAUSE YOU CAN WRITE A LOT OF WORDS AND YOU HAVE A PENLISENSE

  8. Thank you for letting us doing a poster.

  9. I loved that lesson!

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