Our Week by Macaws

Macaws have had another busy week full of exciting learning.

In our Geography learning we explored maps, especially how keys are used to represent places as symbols. Instead of staying put we got practical and took part in some fieldwork on our playground, we had to identify what the symbols of a key represented by using a map of our school. 

Tahaqa enjoyed it because, ” We were working in a fun way, we got to go outside and use a real map and had the challenge of trying to find what all the things on the key represented.”


This week was also NSPCC Number Day and we came to school dressed in a t-shirt to represent our favourite number. Seven was extremely popular in our class as most of us are 7 years old. We had a great day talking about the numbers we chose and got our brains working on some big maths problems. 


3 comments on “Our Week by Macaws

  1. Leo hogan says:


  2. Tahaqamacaw says:

    I love how we did a fun maths lesson

  3. Tahaqamacaw says:

    Number day was amazing.

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