Macaw facts!

Our new class name is ‘Macaws!’ We love our class and we are so lucky to be named after such an interesting bird.

Why don’t you do some research into this fascinating bird and post up your research on our class blog!

Good luck 🙂


6 comments on “Macaw facts!

  1. anna.mcgrory says:

    I found out that macaws have dry scaly tongues that even have a bone inside them, so that they can tap into fruits!

  2. macaws are long dry colorful parrots.

  3. Christabella says:

    Macaws live in a rainforest were there are so many vegetables and fruit

  4. Deia Cooper says:

    Many macaws are endangered and some are extinct (which is very sad).

  5. Christabella year2 Macaws says:

    Attention Ms McGrory
    I’ve found the three new things on the school website.

    1) Headteachers comment
    2) whole school activities on display like the extreme reading challenge.
    3) school calendar which has details of upcoming events.

  6. tyler grace says:

    macaws are beautiful

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