Lorikeet Facts!

Year 1 have a new name!! Our new class name is Lorikeets. What facts do you already know about these birds? And how many more can you find out?

You could go to the Library and look at some non-fiction books, watch a nature documentary or search on a wild-life website!

I can’t wait to see what you find out.

3 comments on “Lorikeet Facts!

  1. anna.mcgrory says:

    I have learnt that, like many parrots, lorikeets lay their eggs in a tree hollow and they usually lay 2 eggs. The mummy looks after the eggs until they hatch but then both the mummy and the daddy look after the babies.

  2. The most colourful bird in Australia is a lorikeet.

  3. They can have colourful feathers ??

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