Lila and the secret of rain

We have been reading ‘Lila and the secret of rain’. We have really enjoyed this book and loved looking at the language the author used.

Lila made it rain by doing what her Grandfather told her. He told her a secret he was once told as a young boy. He was told to climb the highest mountain and tell the sky the saddest things he knew.

This is exactly what Lila did. She set off and climbed the highest mountain she could and told the sky the saddest things she knew.

At first it didn’t work and she felt hopeless.

She kept on telling her stories until finally the sky turned dark and tears of rain fell.

We live in England though, which has a lot of rain!!!! What would you tell the sky to make it shine?

What are your happiest memories and thoughts that you could tell the sky?

You could try writing them down and bringing them in to share with the class.

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